Back in Berwick the giant, nearly-black poppies have finished flowering and their place has been taken by billowing clouds of golden dill.  Like the poppies before them, the plants sprung from one small packet of seed are putting on an eye-catching display.



Blue echium and cornflowers from last year’s Pictorial Meadows mix have chosen their own places this season.  I weed out those which crowd out other plants or clash horribly with neighbouring flowers.  Bright cornflower blue shouts at lychnis pink but unexpected blue highlights make yellow flowers zing. (The photo doesn’t do justice to this bold contrast).



Tall poppy seed heads can add welcome sculptural form to an autumn border but most of the black poppy plants, heavily laden with fresh green pods, were laid low by a night of wind and rain. The pods are indoors now, drying in buckets for Christmas decorations.


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