If you stick to the main streets you might miss hidden delights and curious corners.


The dark doorway through the quayside wall doesn’t look very inviting but the board promises independent shops, cafés, bars and restaurtants through the Sallyport.


Bridge Street, as promised, has a thriving selection of small independent businesses but on this walk we’re just going to cross the street and duck into the entrance of Shoe Lane.


The present day streets of Berwick upon Tweed hide a densely woven medieval fabric of lanes, yards and alleyways in the old parts of town. Some passageways are long established rights of way, some are private spaces behind locked gates and others are something in between. Shoe Lane doesn’t qualify for an official street sign but the unofficial sign looks welcoming.


The narrow covered alley soon opens into a wide yard.  Where a ramp climbs up out of the yard a piece of nineteenth century machinery stands as a reminder of the shoemakers who once worked here.


Shoe Lane Berwick

Finally Shoe lane climbs through the ghost of a long gone building and arrives at Eastern Lane.


More open doorways than doors to be seen but this is nonetheless a post for Thursday Doors.

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