I’ve not been paying attention to international climate action recently so when I came across the march in Paris yesterday I thought at first it was a small local demo.  Along Beaubourg the pavements were not too crowded so, walking alongside the procession, I thought I’d slip up to the front and see what the main banners were about.  It didn’t take long to realise that this was something big and I now know it was part of something much bigger.  Estimates of the turn-out in Paris yesterday vary from 18,000 to 50,000 and around the world over 900 events in 95 countries were linked to Rise for Climate.




I never did get to read the headline banners on the Paris march.  The homemade placards offered many personal variations on the theme but overall the day of action had a simple message.  Here’s a summary from the Rise for Climate website:

‘Next week, cities, states, businesses and civil society from around the world are gathering in California for the Global Climate Action Summit.

The Summit has invited every mayor, governor, and local leader in the world to make a bold climate commitment to help the world reach the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

We know what those commitments need to achieve: a fast, fair and just transition to 100% renewable energy and an immediate end to new fossil fuel projects.

This is why we have to act now. If your elected officials commit, your rally will be a celebration. If they fail to act, it’s a chance to hold them accountable.

We are at a crossroads. By acting together, we can end the era of fossil fuels and save the climate we all depend on.’