In Berwick black is the colour of drainpipes and outhouse doors.  Traditional black gloss protects wood and ironwork against salt laden sea air and blends in, inconspicuous against the warm tones of the local stone.


Plain, varnished wood is traditional for doors in many places, particularly places with a dry climate or a good supply of local oak.  In limestone country chalky pastels are common, blending naturally with the bleached tones of the local stone.


Red stands out against stone or stucco but despite its strength it’s not a colour that makes a strong statement.  Red oxide is a traditional mineral pigment, widely available in many regions so warm red is familiar and solidly reassuring.


Imperial purple takes a little more confidence. Blending with greys but standing out against pale stone or whitewash, this is a colour with attitude.

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A post for Thursday Doors inspired by the Lens Artists challenge Blending In or Standing Out?