No new photos today but an invitation to explore some old ones.


I’ve been taking stock and revising the pages which act as subject guides on the home page of Beyond the Window Box so if you’d like to find more posts on Paris ParksStreet Trees, or Wildflowers in the City there are pages to help you.


My Garden Notebook posts started with a small, shady Parisian balcony garden before branching out to include the increasingly wild garden that was my ‘other garden’ in York.  I’ve left both those gardens behind now, digging in to a steeply sloping Northumberland field that will be our home garden for the years ahead.  If you’re interested in unusual apple varieties and big, bold hardy annuals you may enjoy catching up on progress at Middle Street but if small scale city gardening is more your thing you may prefer the earlier posts.


Under Further Afield you’ll find pages on days out from Paris, cycling in the Loire valley and exploring the regions of France.  Forays into Italy have their own page and there’s even one about railway stations.


Click on any photo to view that gallery. If you have five minutes more to spare, click on one of the highlighted links and follow the themes that take your fancy.  I’d be interested to hear where your exploration takes you.