There are high spiked railings separating Tweed Dock from the street but the gates stand wide open allowing curious passersby a good view of comings and goings in the port.



Unfortunately there’s no choice of viewpoint for a photo (it’s the gateway or nothing) and the average cargo ship is rather long – nearly 90 metres in this case.


(Click twice on the photo for a closer view)

This is the Derk, a Dutch vessel, loaded yesterday with oilseed rape and now on it’s way to Erith in the Port of London.  Today’s surprising fact is that Erith (which I’d never heard of before) is a specialist dock with handling facilities for bulk oil seed and liquid vegetable oil.  Since the 17th century the Port of Berwick has been the gateway to London for crops from Tweed valley farms.  The shipping and the crops have changed but (against the odds) the trade continues.