There’s a nip in the air now but still plenty of flowers in the garden.  The wine red cosmos is Rubenza, late to flower this year as I didn’t get it started until May but one I’ll definitely grow again.  The magenta dahlia is from one of the progeny of a birthday plant, bought at the Paris Marché des Fleurs four years ago.  This year I planted the ever-increasing stock of tubers in the cutting bed but the stems are really a bit short for cut flowers.  I’ll try it in pots next year.



The orange dahlia (Sylvia) is still producing a steady supply of cut flowers on long, strong stems. Early in the summer I had high hopes for a big block of the pale yellow sunflowers (Vanilla Ice) but although the branching plants looked sturdy a gusty wind flattened most of them.  That one needs some support next year.