By 3.30 this afternoon the sun had left Spittal village, hidden behind the hill, but across the water a sunset glow was still illuminating Berwick’s lighthouse.  Down on the Point the cold north wind drove dry sand along the dunes and whipped up the waves lapping the beach.



In getting to know our local beach I’ve seen first hand how mobile the coastline is.  Marram grass sends adventurous shoots from the dunes down onto the beach and, in a matter of months, sand caught in the growing tussocks starts to extend the dune.  Two years ago the groynes that once protected the beach around Spittal Point disappeared completely under storm driven sand.  This autumn the tops of the wooden posts have started to reappear again.



The winter sun lingers longer over the river in Berwick.  Sometimes the sunset-tinged buildings along Berwick quay are reflected in mirror calm water.  Today the dark water of the estuary was restless with wind-driven waves and the river beach was fringed with washed up branches.