Most of the forget-me-nots are still carrying tight, green buds but one clump, in a sheltered corner backed by a south-facing wall, is already in full flower.  This plant has found the most favourable spot in the garden; it may be an early flowering strain too.  The flowers are rich blue overlaid with magenta, quite different from the pure azure blue I remember from last year.


plant portrait - close up of forget-me-not flowers

Here’s a photo from April 17th last year.

All the forget-me-nots in the garden have come from self-sown seedlings, I’ve simply divided the clumps that appeared and replanted them, idly wondering why some plants grow so much bigger than others.  I’ve now discovered that there are six different species of forget-me-not or Myosotis native to Britain (some much more common than others) in addition to many different cultivated varieties.  Which are the garden forget-me-nots? I’ll have to look more closely this year.