Hedgerow roses frame the view over a wheat field towards the distant sea.


Sea mist simplifies a cliff top view, separating the grassy slope of the foreground from the hazy headland beyond.


pine bark & lichen Forêt de Fontainebleau

The fissured bark of a mature Scots’ pine plays host to rough textured lichens and soft cushions of moss.  The characterful old trunk stands out clearly against the group of slender young pines in the soft-focussed background – two different aspects of the same species.


The grooved bark of the foreground tree trunk caught my eye in Edinburgh Botanic Gardens last spring.  The solidity of this massive trunk contrasts with the graceful branching pattern of the tree in the background.  The vertical line of the tree trunk cuts a clear separation between foreground and background.

This week’s 2020 Photo Challenge #30 continues the theme of Space, inviting us to create a 3D image by including elements which separate the foreground and background layers.

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