On a calm, blue sky afternoon, the low walls around Berwick lighthouse offer ideal perches for soaking up the sun and gazing out to sea.



Today the people gathered around the lighthouse were watching the waves intently, waiting for something special.  This summer a sizeable pod of dolphins has been moving up and down the Northumberland coast and Berwick upon Tweed, where the salmon-rich River Tweed meets the sea, is a regular calling point.  Spectacular photos on social media (including the Berwick Boat Trips Facebook page) have made the ‘Berwick dolphins’ a local attraction but the sight of a leaping dolphin is still a rare treat.  These would-be dolphin watchers were disappointed.

Berwick lighthouse has recently had a new coat of paint.  The red base and roof stand out brightly against the white tower and the hazy blue of sea and sky.  The theme of the 2020 Photo Challenge for August is Colour Theory, starting last week with contrasting colours.