The sea mayweed takes root in cracks between the stones of Berwick pier.  Most of the plants are in relatively sheltered corners of the paving but this one has put its head above the parapet, exposed to the full blast of the north-easterly wind and the salt spray of a stormy sea.

Last week’s assignment in Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge was ‘a picture of a frequently photographed subject, like a flower or a person’s face, from an unusual point of view.’  This recent photo taken on a mild and sunny day shows the mayweed in its natural (though often cold, salty and windy) habitat.  A plant that can grow in these conditions is unusual in itself.

Looking back through earlier Plant Portrait posts I’ve chosen a selection that move in close beside or underneath a plant to focus on detail, pattern and translucent colour. These images don’t tell you much about where the plant grows but they might help you to get to know it a bit.


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