Spring sunshine spotlights the stone gateway in Newcastle’s medieval city wall leaving the narrow lane, with its 20th century clutter of bins and air conditioners, in deep shadow.

Patti’s theme for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #198 is Light and Shadow. She reminds us, with a quote from Rick Ohnsman, that ‘When you see the shadows, you will also see the light’ This might have wider, philosophical implications, but Ohnsman is offering practical advice on improving photographic technique.


Glen Rosa, Isle of Arran – October 2021

On this autumn walk on the Isle of Arran the subdued light, filtered through the clouds, gave a gentle, hazy view with little definition. Then, briefly, the sunlight broke through between the clouds, illuminating a distant, craggy peak.


Framed by the timbers of Spittal’s old fish quay, Berwick looks neatly enclosed and self-contained

This image was a deliberate attempt to frame a familiar view in a different way.  The light and shadow on the timbers of the old fish quay add unexpected drama.


Spring morning – Place des Vosges, Paris – April 2015

Dappled shadows and hazy sunshine spell spring and early morning in this view of Place des Vosges.  I didn’t go looking for shadows but it’s the contrast of light and shade that give this image its atmosphere.


Precision – Palais Royal, Paris – March 2016

The sharply defined shadows of these leafless trees show the precise geometry of the annual pruning in the formal gardens of the Palais Royal.


Shadows in the Park – Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris – April 2017

On an April evening the trees in new leaf cast softly rounded shadows, framing this couple strolling in the Jardin du Luxembourg.  Paris in the springtime….


paris riverside expressway car free scooters
Spring is in the Air – Berges de la Seine, Paris – March 2016

More spring sunlight, sparkling on the water of the river Seine and casting animated shadows behind the two trotinette riders.  In 2016 the riverside expressway was closed one Sunday a month to all traffic except pedestrians, cyclists, skaters and other transports doux (or soft transport). For me this image captures something of the sense of hopefulness and exhilaration of that urban experiment.


On the banks of the Seine – April 2017

Just a year later, on a bright spring day, that road was formally closed to motor traffic and reopened as Parc Rives de Seine. It was a day to stroll through the dappled shadows of the riverside trees and to linger in patches of warm sunshine.


Filtered sunlight – Église St-Étienne-du-Mont – September 2018

And finally an image of light and shadow that evokes not change or movement but stillness.

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