River, estuary and sea are always on the move.  At the turn of the tide the view from Berwick Bridge is an expanse of calm water, almost still, but the neatly lined up salmon boats show the pull of the river’s flow towards the sea.



A photo freezes the motion of water but a pattern of ripples or the foam of breaking waves can give the sense of movement. Moving water is a constantly recurring theme among my photos but sometimes people move into the frame too. Passing figures may echo the rhythm of restless waves or animate the scene at a calm, low tide. In the wide open spaces of Spittal beach and the mouth of the Tweed, the figures in my photos are usually distant and anonymous.  Anyone nearby moves politely out of the way of a photographer.

City streets are places of constant motion too. No one pays attention to a photographer in a crowd. Exploring Paris with my camera I started by waiting till passers-by had moved out of the frame but soon learnt that movement gives life to a static image.  Patti’s Motion theme for the Lens-Artists Challenge this week has given me the excuse to revisit some old favourites.



Lens-Artist Challenge #212