Jude’s recent post on lesser-spotted post boxes reminded me of some photos I took back in May.  Preparing a local picture quiz for a Jubilee tea party, I spent an afternoon in Berwick with my camera, searching out crowns and royal ciphers on plaques shields, phone boxes and post boxes.  These three wall boxes are all made to the same basic pattern but commemorate three different monarchs.



The Victorian box has been repainted so many times that the lettering is barely readable.  On the most recent, EIIR box the cast lettering is crisply defined with ‘Next Collection’ and the name of the iron foundry that cast the box clearly readable.  I looked up the Lion Foundry Co. of Kirkintilloch and discovered a proud history of iron founding in this Dumbartonshire town. Next time you see an old red post box or phone box, look out for the foundry’s name.  If it’s one of Kirkintilloch’s, this group of local enthusiasts would be delighted to hear from you.