From a train window, approaching Berwick station from the south, if you knew where to look you might just catch a glimpse of our home in Spittal.  Trains passing on the East Coast main line – the quiet swish of the electric passenger trains and the dull rumble of the freight trains – are part of the background to daily life here.

For Lens-Artists challenge #215 John invites us to share images of Planes, Trains and Automobiles – and the places they take us.  Planes and automobiles are largely missing from my photo collection, so here’s a selection of rail journeys instead.

For five years, up to December 2018, I became very familiar with the trains from Paris Gard du Nord, through the tunnel to London and on to York and Northumberland.



Looking south from Paris, Gare de Lyon was the starting point for journeys to Avignon, Arles, Marseille and on into Italy.


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