What is the opposite of wet? Dry of course.  And the opposite of hard?  Soft, without a doubt.

The words seem straightforward but turn them into visual images and uncertainty creeps in.


Are hard, dry pebbles the opposite of soft, wet Yorkshire fog grass?  Maybe not.


A closed, wet window and the view through the same window, open on a dry, sunny day.

Closed and open, wet and dry. But is sunshine the opposite of rain?


Looking up and looking down – that one’s straightforward.


Up and down, inside and outside.

The words are unequivocal even if the images aren’t obvious opposites.


Two stone boundaries, one urban one rural, one simple one grand.

But is a Northumberland field wall the opposite of a Parisian balustrade?


And the lighthouse?  Far (in the headline image) near at hand in this one.

Tina’s theme for the Lens-Artists’ Challenge #217 is Opposites.