Even the smallest hill gives a different perspective. The path above the Lion House allotments offers a tempting view over the wall and down into the productive plots below.  On the far side of the allotments, a grass mound inside the medieval town walls gives an open view over the mouth of the Tweed estuary and across the water to Spittal.


Climbing a hill doesn’t guarantee a clear view. Sometimes the reward for a stiff climb is just a glimpse of distant landscape, unveiled by parting mist or briefly illuminated by sunlight breaking through the clouds.

The Eildon Hills aren’t very high but their summits offer beautiful 360° views.

An October visit to the Cinque Terre villages on Italy’s Ligurian coast left me with a head and a camera full of extraordinary views – hills rising steeply from sparkling, azure sea, villages on rocky promontories and vineyards clinging to precipitous slopes.

The open view from a hill top park can help untangle the complexity of the city streets below.

Donna’s theme for the Lens-Artists’ Challenge #218 is Over the Hill.  To my eye, the hills in her beautiful post here are quite serious mountains!