Beyond the Window Box



The Strength of Chalk

Shared Shelter

Everyday Harmony

Written in Moss

Grey Sky Blue

The Holly & the Ivy



Beyond Words

Café Life

Before & After

Rustling Leaves

Another Day in Paris


Forget your Botany

‘It is only when we forget all our learning that we begin to know. I do not get nearer … to any natural object so long as I presume that I have an introduction to it from some learned man. To conceive of it with a total apprehension I must for the thousandth time approach it as something totally strange. If you would make acquaintance with the ferns you must forget your botany.’

Henry David Thoreau, 1859

The Variety of Plants

‘No human mind, however hardworking, will ever come to a wholly perfect knowledge of plants, for their variety is infinite in form, use and other accidents.  We see that rivers, swamps, the sea, mountains, fields, valleys, sand, walls, stones, meadows, vineyards, woods and uncultivated places… always produce something new.’

Adrian Van de Speigel, 1606

Potatoes, Art and Revolution

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