Beyond the Window Box


Small Space Gardening

Scattered Flowers

Through a Wet Window

Surface Tension 2


Under the Cherry Tree

Small Garden Contrasts

Choosing a View

The Smooth & the Hairy

Long Shadows

Spiny & Succulent

In Full Flower

From the Window Box

A Touch of Red

Babylone Bis

The name translates as Babylon Again. Out of hours, the facade of the café isn’t particularly welcoming, but someone is putting a lot of care into maintaining that palm tree. Yes, it really is alive, though it’s a mystery how such a small pot can hold the roots to support a sizeable tree.


In the Shade of a Vine

A quiet afternoon in a back street shaded by vines.  The vineyards on the surrounding hillsides are an important part of the local economy; within the town vines offer shade, greenery and the occasional bunch of grapes.  The white cloth under the vine at the right of the picture is supporting several large, developing bunches, to keep them out of the way of customers sitting at the table below.

One Flower at a Time

Greening the Street

There is an avenue of fourteen magnolia trees on rue St Bruno, each one surrounded by a miniature garden. Continue reading “Greening the Street”

Green Tomatoes

First Fruit

It seems that Parisian blackbirds don’t recognise strawberries. Continue reading “First Fruit”

On Guard

Gardening on a rather more modest scale.   Continue reading “On Guard”

Roi de Balcon

Last year’s Roi de Balcon geraniums, carefully pruned, fed and watered, have finally started flowering again. Continue reading “Roi de Balcon”

Shades of Green

It’s that Chair Again

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