Beyond the Window Box isn’t a travel blog but, now I’ve got the blogging habit, these pages travel when I do.  When I’m not walking or cycling, my journeys are mostly by train, so the destinations aren’t far flung or exotic, at least not from my point of view.


collioure planes

For me, one of the unexpected delights of writing a blog is getting to know the places around the world that are familiar to other bloggers. (Every ‘like’ from an unknown name offers the possibility of new discoveries.)  Many of these places, in Canada, India, Australia or the USA, I am unlikely ever to visit.  Some, closer to home, are immediately added to my ‘one day’ list.  So here are some of my recent destinations, maybe exotic to some readers, mundane for others.

True to the emerging theme of the blog, my holiday posts focus mostly on green places and urban spaces.  These magnificent plane trees dominate the town square in Collioure, in French Catalonia.   Collioure Séjour has links to posts about Collioure and the Midi-Pyrénées region.



The posts linked to Arran Journey give a taste of a very different landscape (and climate) on the Isle of Arran, one of the most easily accessible of Scotland’s Western Isles.

St Malo Weekend gives a glimpse of the Brittany coast in autumn.


Yorkshire Landscapes gives a winter view of the small city of York and the hugely varied landscape of Yorkshire.


Rome street view, doors & arches

In contrast, Italian Itinerary reflects the warmth and colour of a spring journey via Ventimiglia and La Mortola to the extraordinary city of Rome.


And now the Railway Stations that are the starting point for journeys and discoveries have a page to themselves.