terrace 2


Paris is a beautiful, fascinating, unforgettable place but it’s not the natural habitat of a lifelong gardener.  Newly arrived in the city in the spring of 2014 I needed to put down roots, however temporary, and this small, shady balcony garden felt like a lifeline.  Technically a terrace rather than a balcony, with two walls of white bathroom tiles to reflect the light, two sides of built in plant boxes and the one open side shaded by a densely planted trellis.   Not the most promising garden but room to grow.

terrace 03


Two chairs and a flea market table quickly made the space feel more homely.


chair & table


Seeds sown with more optimism than common sense produced weak, straggling seedlings. Carefully chosen plants, adapted to periodically dry shade, were more successful and the terrace soon became a welcoming green space.

These pictures were taken between March and May 2014.  Three Seasons Small shows how the garden developed in 2015.