Beyond the Window Box started as an account of a small, shady balcony garden in central Paris.  Both the blog and its writer have moved on since then but, in case you’re looking for ideas for a small, shady balcony, here’s the original account from 2015:

‘Our balcony garden has very little direct sunlight, though some is reflected from nearby windows and white walls.  It’s rarely very cold here, sometimes very hot as the temperate climate is overlaid by the city ‘heat island’ effect..  Last winter the temperature dropped low enough to freeze the bird bath only twice; last week’s heat wave took the temperature up to 40C. In winter it seems to rain a lot but overall rainfall is nowhere near enough to support container grown plants.  They all depend on regular watering for most of the year.

shady corner      Roxanne

‘Some plants, such as sage, lavender and thyme have failed miserably.  Others, like those pictured on this page have thrived and continue to do so.  If you’re gardening in similar conditions you might want to try some of these plants.  If you click on any of these pictures it will take you to a post about it.  There are extra links to posts about particular plants at the bottom of the page.

Clematis july      nandina 2

‘The colour scheme of purple, lilac and white flowers with bronze foliage wasn’t planned from the outset but evolved when I found out what grew well.  Few yellow, red or orange flowered plants are adapted to growing in temperate shade but that’s no great loss.  The ‘cool’ colour scheme suits this shady place.

fine foliage 3       roses 3

jasmine 2       muguet 5

Clematis ‘Arabella’    Clematis armandii   Hostas    Ferns    More Hostas