This is (or was) a blog about plants and gardens, mostly in Paris.  Street art first snuck in to the blog by featuring plants or appearing in parks.  COP21 led me to street art as environmental action.   Then winter arrived and I started to appreciate the ways that paint, paper and paste can enliven a dull street on a grey day, when the trees are leafless and the parks unappealing.



This is still a blog about plants and gardens but it’s also about urban spaces, green or otherwise.  Street art is a living and evolving part of the Paris street scene and reflects the rich diversity of the city.  I’m getting to know a little more of Paris through the images its citizens choose to paint and paste in the street.

The pieces I choose to photograph and post in this blog are, of course, a personal selection but that’s what city life is like.  Everyone has to make sense of the city in their own way; each person’s version of the story is their own.

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