Beyond the Window Box


Horse Chestnut

Second Time Around

Shadows in the Park

Under the Chestnuts

Winter Trees

Shadow Trees


The polished mahogany of new conkers, just out of the case, Continue reading “Conkers”

Street Corner Trees

The Right Response to Trees

‘The right response to trees is simply to lie back and enjoy them.  They do exactly what the myth-makers have been telling us these past few thousand years.  They are indeed compounded .. of air, water, earth and fire.  They build themselves from carbon, which they get almost entirely from the air as CO2 and from minerals which they drag from the earth.  They need water, of course, because nothing lives without it; and they are powered by the Sun, which is a very peculiar kind of fire, but is fiery nonetheless.  They do bind the earth to the sky, as the Vikings said.’

Colin Tudge, 2010

in ‘Nature Tales’

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