The swirling, asymmetric ironwork merges with trees reflected in the glass. Although the art nouveau ironwork of many metro entrances is a Parisian icon, buildings in this style are uncommon in the city.  This restrained doorway in rue Henri Barbusse is the only example I pass regularly.



An article on Un Jour de Plus à Paris led me west to the 7th arrondissement and a building that shows the style at its most flamboyant and eccentric.  Street trees, road signs and parked cars make it difficult to get a view of the full facade at 29 Avenue Rapp so here instead are some of the details, starting with the magnificent front door.

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Art Nouveau architecture had a brief flowering in Paris from around 1890 to 1915.  The facade of this 1901 building is the product of collaboration between architect Jules Lavirotte , sculptor Jean-Baptiste Larrive and ceramicist Alexandre Bigot.

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