beginnings 2

By the standards of central Paris, 10 square meters is a significant area of private green space.  If we’d moved directly to this flat from our Yorkshire house and garden I might have been tempted to grumble about the lack of outdoor space but after three months in a fifth floor flat with only a window box, I recognised Paris gardening luxury when I saw it.  Yes, it is shady and no, I wouldn’t really choose to decorate a garden with white bathroom tiles but this was a space with potential, somewhere to plant and potter, to feel the wind and welcome the rain, to listen to the birds and watch the bees, or something like that.

It’s had its ups and downs but the balcony garden is now a green and welcoming space with something in flower most of the time and occasional visits from the local birds and bees.  This blog started as an account of the development of the garden and still returns to its roots regularly.  In between times I’m gathering inspiration from other people’s small scale gardening, exploring the parks and green spaces of Paris and getting my hands dirty in local community gardening projects.  There’s life beyond the window box!



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