In the chateau gardens at Villandry the ornamental parterres,



terraces, allées and pergolas are remarkable.


Chateau de Villandry moat


The potager (or kitchen garden) is quite extraordinary.



The beds of perfectly matched, colour coordinated vegetables are impressive close to.  Seen from the surrounding terraces you start to see the overall pattern better.


Chateau de Villandry potager from first floor


From the windows of the grand rooms on the first floor of the chateau the geometry of the garden and regularity of the crops are clear.


Chateau de Villandry potager from 2nd floor window


As you climb higher the full extent and complexity of the layout appears.  Here’s the view from a second floor window…


Chateau de Villandry potager from tower


and another from the terrace at the top of the tower.

The complex of gardens at Villandry is regarded as one of the most complete examples of the renaissance style of jardin à la française.  This is not a historic survival but a meticulous recreation, initiated in the early twentieth century by a Spanish scientist and an American heiress.  I’m not sure there’s any other quite like it.

Click on any photo for a closer view or read the story of the chateau and its gardens here.