Despite the uninvited natives recolonizing the new beds the flowers had grown tall and lush in my absence.  Many of the annuals had set seed and ‘gone over’ but the late sown marigolds, the ox-eye daisies and the tall verbena were still a mass of flower.  The lawn-to-be had reverted to rough pasture and only returned to domestication after three cuts with the mower.    The apple trees seemed to have put on a foot of lush, green growth but I don’t have any photos to compare with those from July.



It rained quite a lot in Spittal this week, mild gentle, rain but enough to keep a camera under cover.  The dry, bright days rapidly filled up with gardening, errands by bike, fossil hunting on the beach and other distractions, so there aren’t many photos to illustrate the garden diary. One thing’s clear though, this ground is good for growing.