As evening falls the rooks start to gather, small parties swooping in leisurely circles, collecting stragglers, before suddenly swirling and tumbling down into the tree tops, like water rushing down a plug hole.  As the light fades new parties arrive, swirl and settle while groups of earlier arrivals lift into the air again.



These trees, part of an extensive rookery in the East Yorkshire village of Barmby Moor, are a roosting and nesting site for a sizeable community of rooks.  They also seem to be a gathering place for rooks passing through,  on their way to roost further along the beck.  In the morning the passage is reversed as talkative parties drop in on their way to feed in surrounding fields, adding to the chatter and upheaval of the ‘resident’ birds preparing for the day ahead.  News updates, plans for the day or the latest jokes?  And on the edge of that noisy dance, are there quiet rooks just enjoying the view?

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