Traveling north on the train from London to York, I found myself next to an empty window seat.  I’ve often travelled this route, gazing out at the changing patterns of clouds and light over wide open fields.  Yesterday I could try to capture the experience without irritating the person in the seat next door.

These photos are in sequence, minus the failures in between.  In two pairs you can see the clouds stay the same as the countryside passes by below them.  Click on the first image below to follow the journey.



The East Coast Main Line isn’t all this flat.  This is the section from Grantham to Newark.

I have mixed feelings about the array of solar panels.  While I’m glad to see investment in renewable energy, to me it makes no sense to put such an installation on prime farm land.  Food crops could make good use of the solar energy falling on this field.  There’s no shortage of out of town warehouse roofs where the sunlight is completely wasted.