A pebble, worn smooth by the sea, rests on a wooden table, weathered by rain and sun.  Both are the same shade of grey but the eye of experience can feel their difference, one warm and slightly soft to the touch, the other hard and cold.


Water worn sandstone, scoured by wind-blown sand, displays the history of its formation in banded layers like the grain of weathered wood.  The rich colours of the stone, enhanced by low sunlight, suggest a surface warm to the touch but this February photo is deceptive.


The blue-grey tones of these pebbles suggest cold and in this case the picture tells the truth. The March sun had dried the surface of the stone but lent it little warmth.


sand waves left by tide

Sunlight sparkling on the water adds a taste of summer to this July image of soft, sand ripples.


Sand is soft and clear skies are blue at any season.  It’s only the walker’s woolly hat that hints at the finger-chilling cold of this December day.

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Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge this month is Being Creative with Texture.